“Hats Off to Andy Rutnik”

Letter to the Editor:

Hats off to Andy Rutnik! I have yet to see anyone in the public arena or elsewhere take on the problems of this community, defining them so clearly and then offer a reasonable, carefully considered solution to each. After seeing so much b/s coming from many of our elected and appointed officials, it was absolutely wonderful to see that there is a person who has considered these issues and has had the courage to set possible resolutions in print.

Each one of his proposals deserves positive comment. However, I was particularly impressed by his proposal to institute a Criminology Department at UVI where the police officers of this community would be offered the background education they need to be effective officers.

According to the UVI catalog, the University already offers an Associate Degree in Police Science and Administration. Some of the areas of study are: Administration of Justice, Criminal Law, Criminal Investigation, Police Organization and Administration, Law Enforcement-Community Relations, plus others. Teachers and others are offered salary incentives for in-service training.

I think that Mr. Rutnik’s proposal to do the same for members of our police force makes perfect sense.
Now, if we can get our representatives to run with the ball on this, we might wind up with a force of which we all can be proud. On the other hand, I won’t hold my breath until that happens.

Bob Klenke
Coral Bay