Head-on Accident Caused by Tourist Driving on Wrong Side of Road

Two rental Jeeps collided head-on on Enighed Road near the entrance to the Enighed Pond Marine Freight Facility on Thursday morning, January 25.

Two rental Jeeps were involved in a head-on collision on Thursday morning, January 25, as a result of one of the tourists driving on the wrong side of the road.

The accident happened on Pond Road, just outside the entrance of the Enighed Pond Marine Facility. No injuries were reported.

The accident served as a reminder to island’s visitors to always drive on the left, explained Virgin Islands Police Department spokesperson Shawna Richards.


The drivers of the two Jeeps involved in an accident inspect the damage to their vehicles.

“Anyone traveling to a new and potentially unfamiliar area should take a little time to familiarize themselves with driving practices in that area, especially in the U.S. Virgin Islands,” said Rich-ards. “We are American as American can be, but we have certain things unique to our culture such as driving on the left. We ask visitors to be right and think left.”

Richards advised visitors to drive carefully, especially at intersections.

“We ask tourists to take their time, particularly when crossing intersections or changing lanes,” said Richards. “We ask they remember they are driving on unfamiliar roads, and practice all of the cautionary measures they would in any other part of the country.”

While several arrows were recently painted on the North Shore Road reminding tourists to drive on the left, arrows directing traffic at the South Shore Road and Pond Road intersection have faded and are no longer visible.