Hollander’s “Caribbean Queen” Holiday Light Sculpture Pays Homage to Women



“Caribbean Queen”


Happy Holidays!

Each year, high atop Chicago Hill overlooking Coral Bay Harbor, artist George Hollander creates a unique and distinctly St. John illuminated sculpture for the Holiday Season.

This year’s light sculpture was created with recycled foam boxes used for shipping fruit and is called “Caribbean Queen.” Hollander created the piece, which features a crown of red lights, as an homage to women, he explained.

“This year’s piece was inspired by the music of Dr. Buzzard’s Savannah Band; a band that embraced multiculturalism,” Hollander said. “Their title tune, ‘Cherchez La

Femme’ (meaning looking or seeking a woman) came out in 1976, which was one year before I came to St. John.”

“They were a 1930s type of jazz swing band, with calypso, rumba and cha cha mixed in,” said the artist.

The frequent Studio 54 performers were also led by singer Cory Daye, a Bronx native just like Hollander.

“Their sound was  updated, with great lyrics and a disco beat,” he said. “Their music was fabulous, all of it.”

With those disco beats in his head, Hollander wired a series of those foam boxes together into a column and affixed the crown of warm red Christmas lights, supplying the perfect Holiday touch.

“Happy, happy ‘light filled’ holidays to everyone,” said Hollander.