Home Depot Embezzlement Investigation Leads to Second Grand Larceny Arrest

A second St. Thomas man has been arrested on grand larceny charges for walking out of Home Depot with unpaid merchandise, admitting to knowing the cashier purposefully discounted the price of his items, the V.I. Police Department reported Thursday.

On Jan. 26, the Economic Crime Unit initiated an investigation into embezzlement, based on a complaint filed by Home Depot. The complainant, on behalf of Home Depot, stated that a former employee allowed people to walk out of the store with unpaid merchandise. Investigation revealed that Stevie Brown was identified as one of the individuals who benefited by receiving unpaid merchandise, according to the police report.

On Jan. 29, Brown was interviewed, and he admitted that he paid $40 for merchandise valued at over $1000, the police report stated.

On Wednesday, Brown surrendered himself to authorities and he was placed under arrest for grand larceny (aiding and abetting), buying, receiving or possessing stolen property and obtaining property by false pretenses, the report stated.

Based on the incident, Brown’s bail was set in the amount of $20,000. Unable to post bail, Brown was processed and remanded to the Bureau of Corrections pending advice of rights hearing scheduled for Thursday at the Superior Court, police said.