IEKHS Plans Senior Week Activities for May 16-22

Ivanna Eudora Kean High School
Ivanna Eudora Kean High School

The Ivanna Eudora Kean High School (IEKHS) Class of 2019 has organized a Senior “Rep Your Local Brand” Day, scheduled for Monday, May 20, at the school. The purpose is to show support to the numerous clothing brands manufactured by local Virgin Islanders, such as D.O.P.E.TM World, Apollo Legion, DPMNM (Don’t Pay Me No Mind), Mugga Gang, Trap R’ Us, Team Wally Kyat, M*I*S*T*, King and Queen, Drive King, #ForTheFam, and Stop Stressing Dawg.

IEKHS senior Shania Farrington, who coined “Rep Your Local Brand” Day, said she believes this would be a great addition because “as soon-to-be graduates, we should seek every opportunity — not only now, but for the rest of our lives – to support and invest in the community that has done the same for us all our lives.”

The owners of these local apparel companies are also invited to the school on this day to interact with students about their entrepreneurial inspirations and accomplishments, thus far. This activity is part of a week of senior events, referred to as “SEN19R WEEK” (Senior Week), organized by Kean H.S. seniors. This week rewards students for their four years of diligent studies, and it also aids in creating lasting memories for seniors through many fun and hopefully memorable activities.

Senior Week, scheduled for May 16-22, will include the burial of a time capsule on school grounds to be uprooted in 10 years, which will be filled with words of encouragement for their future selves and their most tangible manifestations of their high school memories. There will be an Elementary Day, when students will return back to their former primary schools and offer assistance to teachers. An Island Scavenger Hunt and Tour will have students put their knowledge of St. Thomas’ historical landmarks and information to the test. On Character Day, students will dress as characters that have shaped their childhood and inevitably their lives. Lastly, there will be a Color Run.

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