Ignite Your Brain! @ Bajo El Sol Friday, Feb. 17

Join Bajo El Sol Gallery for their first book signing event with James Mapes, author of Imagine That!

In his provocative and engaging new book, Imagine That!, James Mapes shares the knowledge and experience he has gained in his thirty-plus years as a researcher, speaker, and personal coach. Well-written, engaging, and very accessible, Imagine That! is a guidebook that shows readers how to lead an exceptional life. Enhanced by exercises, in-depth research, real-life anecdotes, and relevant videos, Mapes dives deep into topics as diverse as reframing thinking patterns, shattering a series of limiting myths, hypnosis, stretch goals, transforming fear into love, and forgiveness.

The founder of Quantum Leap Thinking, creator of The Transformational Coach, and an expert on the psychology of applied imagination, James Mapes is a highly acclaimed business speaker and personal excellence coach. For more than thirty years, he has dedicated himself to helping individuals, teams, and organizations break through barriers to reach their goals and achieve success. His clients include Fortune 500 companies and major nonprofit organizations in the areas of finance, technology, healthcare, academia, and the military, including IBM, U.S. Coast Guard, Lockheed Martin, and the Princeton Center for Leadership Training.

Mapes is the author of Quantum Leap Thinking: An Owner’s Guide to the Mind (2003), which has been translated into seven languages, and The Workbook: The Magic of Quantum Leap Thinking (2000).