In Desperate Need of Road Markings

Letter to the Editor:

We desperately need road marking

Our roads are partly repaired but they are still very dangerous, especially at night. There is almost no white and yellow marking.

Since the composition of the road varies between black asphalt, lightly stained asphalt, concrete shoulders and occasional dirt, orientation where you are on the road at night is difficult, especially in the curves.

The central yellow marking is also very necessary because larger vehicles and even some small ones have tendency to invade the opposite lane. Our roads are very narrow and shoulders are frequently missing.

For all these reasons marking is desperately needed. I would recommend that in all accidents related to uncertainty of the location of colliding vehicles the people responsible for marking of the roads should be accused as defendants responsible for the collision and fined for negligence leading to the accident. They should pay for all damages and additional fines.

Z. Hruza, St. John