Inner Visions Back from World Tour

Greetings Fans of Inner Visions,

Just want you to know the tour is progressing nicely! Currently in Maine, we headlined another fine festival on July 29. It’s our second year doing it and attendance last year was about 3,000 strong. They expected more this year providing there is great weather. On July 30, we head over to Europe for one month and two days. We will try our best to represent the Virgin Islands in grand style (especially St. John, our little blessed jewel in the sun)!

Our schedule over there will take us through Belgium, Netherlands, Holland, Amsterdam, and Germany! We intend to “InnerGize” them with our sounds. There was considerable interest in the UK but when they found out about us, it was a bit late for promotions. See our MySpace site for dates as it’s the most newly updated information site on us. I’ve hooked up our laptop for international service and if it works, I’ll try to post daily blogs there. This way you can all be part of this experience.

In the meantime, stay strong and blessed in a balanced existence!

Blessings, Inner Visions