Island Academics

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by Local School Officials

A Year of Discovery 

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Gifft Hill School is venturing upon what promises to be a fabulous year. Students will be challenged through academics, athletics and a range of extracurricular offerings to realize their great potential.

Over the last few weeks, teachers and parents have come together to prepare our two campuses, and the spirit has been remarkable. Now the stage is set for students to explore an exciting array of classes and many other programs designed to expand young minds and to develop strong character. From pre-school to middle school to high school, a year of discovery awaits.

Gifft Hill School takes great pride in its faculty — a group committed to opening new doors to the future for the children of St. John. Patient, experienced and ever-energetic, the teachers at GHS are world-class indeed.
I encourage any family who has not visited GHS to please come see us: take a tour, meet our staff, and learn more about our dynamic offerings and diverse student body. Please do not hesitate! We still have significant financial aid available, and we are committed to establishing a true community school.

It is our pledge to work closely with individual families to make an education at GHS a reality. Call me directly for an appointment at 776-1730. Weekends, evenings, whenever works for you — we are eager to show you all that we will be doing this year and for more St. John families to know of our fundamental commitment: namely, to make certain any child with a desire to learn may attend GHS.

I wish all the students on St. John — as well as the island’s many hard working teachers — a rewarding, fruitful year.

Ben Biddle,
Head Administrator
Gifft Hill School