Island Cork Is Love City’s New Wine Shop


Stop by Island Cork, upstairs behind Mongoose Junction, for the island’s best hand-picked selection of vintages.

Looking for the perfect bottle of Bordeaux to go with that beef tenderloin to really wow at a dinner party?

New to the wine world, so not sure what vintage to try and don’t want to waste money?

Both oenophiles and the viticulturally uninitiated will be right at home at Island Cork where owner and wine connoisseur Paul Tsakares will make sure you never make a wrong wine decision.

Located just behind Mongoose Junction on the second floor of a charming stone building, Tsakares offers an impressive array of wines at his newly opened boutique-feeling shop, Island Cork.

From the vintage Adirondack chair on the inviting deck to the relaxing Jazz tunes and perpetually open vintage to sample, Tsakares is offering more than a just a place to grab a bottle of vino.

“The environment in here is warm and inviting,” said Tsakares. “This is a wine destination. People will want to hang around, talk, review maps and look up information on the internet.”

“We live on a beautiful island that enjoys a Caribbean pace and that’s what we have at Island Cork too,” said the store owner. “Come in and relax, spend a few minutes chatting, taste some wine, enjoy a few laughs and go home with something nice to share with your partner or friends.”

With wines at every price point, Tsakares has something for every budget and he’s dedicated to offering good value.

“Whether $14 or $40, all selections in the store are at a price point to encourage a customer to experiment and expand their palettes; not to mention, being below what the competition charges,” he said.

Tsakares personally selected all of the wines available at Island Cork and so he’s either tasted or is familiar with every single bottle on the well-stocked shelves.

While de-mystifiying the sometimes daunting wine culture, Tsakares’ passion for the terrior and history behind the labels is infectious.

“My mission is to offer a selection of wines from all over the world that are unique and have a history,” he said. “Wines that reflect the terrior where they are made and from winemakers who have a passion will be really the best of what we offer.”

Tsakares is also looking forward to offering rare vintages, he added.

“I’m exciting to be able to offer wines that are very difficult to get and that are rarely seen in a retail store,” said the Island Cork owner. “I have the distributors selecting new wines and wines that will be sold exclusively here that will be stunning.”

For now, there’s certainly plenty of vintages to keep one experimenting. From a surprisingly dry German Riesling to a shockingly affordable Four Vines Zinfandel from California, there is something at Island Cork for every occasion. Tsakares also has a selection of champagne and sparkling wines, ports and sticky dessert wines as well. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Just ask and Tsakares will do his best to bring it in.

If wine is just not your thing, Tsakares will also offer a selection of craft ales, high-end liquors and fine cigars at Island Cork.

Looking ahead, Tsakares plans to host both formal and informal tastings, educational opportunities and wine group gatherings.

“I’ve been studying wine for 37 years and I am still excited to learn and explore this world,” said the Island Cork owner. “I’m excited to share that with our customers.”

Tsakares will also offer deliveries and discounts on case orders for Island Cork clients.

If you haven’t stopped by yet, head over this week when Tsakares is hosting a week-long Grand Opening Celebration. Open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday, Tsakares promises exclusive tastings and special offers every day this week.

For more information on Island Cork, call (340) 228-2090.