It’s a Miracle No One Was Killed by Truck

Dear Editor,

On Thursday, March 8, I witnessed a miracle on St. John. I saw a dump truck lose its brakes on Centerline road and plow through our town at what seemed like 100 mph — into the streets of Cruz Bay — the driver was able to maneuver his way around other stopped vehicles, managed to miss pedestrians by just a hair and actually stop the truck before heading into our busy ferry dock terminal.

One vehicle did get a blow from this truck and I saw the woman pulled from the vehicle with what appeared to be minimal injuries. While I watched this accident occur before my eyes, I could only sit there and hold back tears because of the fear I felt for the woman in her car and any others in this truck’s path.

I was so relieved to see that no one else was hurt and grateful because I know many people could have been killed. It was a true miracle that so many people were untouched! I watched everyone run to help the woman get out of her car, all of the community was very concerned for her well-being and gave her hugs and reassurance.

We all sang out praise to a higher power that the school children were not crossing the street or walking on the sidewalk where this scary incident happened. After watching this brave woman walk away from her car hanging through a fence and face down on the ball field, I am so grateful that she is alive to be there for her friends and family and I will be sure to tell my own circle of loved ones how much they mean to me too.

I was so impressed with the way the community pulled together as a team and rushed to help this woman that I just want to say to the public — St. John is a wonderful place to live and I am so happy to be here. I love our island and the warmth and love I feel from the people living in this small town. I am proud to live here with my family and with each of you reading this today.

I wrote this note because people need to hear about what is important and to stop and reflect on how very blessed we all are to have wonderful friends and family. Community is all about that and unfortunately money has become God to so many including many of the businesses including the trucking companies.

I don’t know if they don’t take time to service the vehicles properly and put the drivers in jeopardy as well as the faster they make their runs the more money they make. But this was a flashback to what happened to little precious Javon. His death is another good example of a truck driver rushing. 

These things are all about helping us to stop and reflect on our blessings each moment and to express those feelings to others that we care about and love so deeply and not take life and people for granted because they might vanish in that next moment.

Angie Smith Liburd
Resident, JESS PTSA Board Member