It’s Time To Think


All fairy tales start the same way.

Once upon a time, a company came to Coral Bay to help out the local people to build multi-family housing for its people.
Have we heard that before — there must be a catch in this somewhere?

Not having a good supply of water on their site, they came up with some good ideas:

– Flush the toilet with sewage water. But keep the windows open as the smell will be rank.

– Use the well water, which the test showed is “brackish.” Hope the hospital has enough beds for all the sick people. The well on the property is fed by all the septic tanks on this hill above, plus a little rain. The well can produce half the water required, so each household will spend approximately $160 per month for good water.

– The rents are not too bad. It is said a two-bedroom unit will be at least $1,000 per month,  and the four- and five-bedroom units about $1,500. And, don’t forget WAPA bills.

The St. John CZM Committee did a very poor job of reviewing the application for their permit. Maybe they got other guidance. And take note, one committee member has retired already.

Norm Gledhill
Coral Bay resident