James Penn Saves Day for Visiting Family

St. John Tradewinds,

I wanted to write to tell you about a truly wonderful resident of your island, and one who has forever touched our lives. Last week my family and I visited for a day while on a cruise with the Crown Princess. 

Since my mom and dad had traveled to St. John many years ago and raved about it, I was looking forward to visiting your island more than any other. We traveled by cab to Red Hook, then took the ferry. It was only then (midway) that my stepfather informed me that he had brought $20 for the day for him and my mom! Needless to say I wasn’t happy and was frantically trying to figure out not only how we would get back to the ship, but also, how I could salvage the day and hopefully not miss seeing your beautiful island.

After arriving at the dock, a gentleman approached us and asked if we needed help. I then informed him that we didn’t have enough money on us. I must have looked pretty pathetic and I am sure there are few visitors who come up with a story like ours, but Mr. James Penn asked us to follow him. 

Since we really didn’t have any choice at that point (boy was I steaming), we dutifully followed him to his car where he proceeded to take out a $50 bill and hand it to me. He then thought for a second, went back to his car and retrieved a $100 bill instead, and said we might need a little extra to get through the day. He handed me his business card and asked me to return the money when I arrived back in the states.

We all stood there completely overwhelmed and incredibly grateful as I’m sad to say this act of generosity and faith probably would not have occurred where I live. I have shared this story with many others I have encountered over the past week and everyone is as completely amazed as we are.

Needless to say we arrived home last night and at 7:30 a.m. I was at the post office mailing him his money as promised. I would appreciate it if you can share this story, as I am sure this is just but one of many stories about the wonderful people of your island.

P.S. Yes we did get to see a bit of your beautiful island (albeit a brief visit) and it did not disappoint, although I was disappointed I had to leave.

P.S.S. St. John is now on my wish list to come back and visit next, but for at least a week.

Kathy Keough,
Quincy, MA