“Jamie” Cockayne Honored Family Legacy

Letter to the Editor,

Jamie was at my sister’s wedding three days before he was murdered. He was a beautiful young man, just realizing his dream. My family has felt the pain of this loss very deeply.

He was a young man on the verge of becoming not only a happy man, but  an asset to his  community and a positive force. The kind of individual that our society so desperately needs.

He proudly honored the legacy of his namesake;  James Patrick Gilligan.  

Our Grandfather was a Naval Captain during the landing of Normandy on D-Day and a gubernatorial opponent of The Honorable Christine Todd Whitman.  He was a leader of men. The father of seven children and thirteen grandchildren.

This is a family of volunteer Soldiers, Firefighters and Sunday School Teachers. Jamie was on the path to honoring that legacy. He was  one of the few among us that had the courage and insight to chase his dream.  

Please help us find the man who stole this kind heart from us.

Paul Lile Jr