Jane Thill Cooking Up Gourmet Meals To-Go at Starfish Gourmet

Jane Thill whips up delicious meals to-go at Starfish Gourmet.

There is a new option at The Marketplace for food-lovers looking for something to sate their appetites while exciting their senses.

Classically-trained French chef Jane Thill is whipping up tantalizing dishes at Starfish Gourmet three to four days a week for the store’s new Gourmet-to-Go service.

Mouth-watering dishes range from vegan lentil stew with tofu to a torta rustica brimming with gourmet cured meats and fine cheeses. Other options last week included a truffled fusilli and cheese, spicy tuna shashimi with rice noodles and roasted chicken with a twice baked potato.

Gourmet to Go, however, does not have a set menu. Instead, Thill shops at Starfish Market daily and lets the freshest ingredients she can find dictate the day’s offerings.



Brimming with gourmet meats and cheeses, Thill’s torta rustica is a tempting lunch-time treat.

Since it was first unveiled two weeks ago, Gourmet to Go has been a hit with Marketplace employees, residents and tourists, explained Starfish Gourmet manager Paul Tsakeres.

“Everyone in The Marketplace has been coming up to me and telling me how much they love Jane’s food,” said Tsakeres. “People start calling in the morning and asking what Jane will be making that day. It’s really been very successful.”

Thill’s culinary background on St. John includes the former co-ownership of Morgan’s Mango and a health food store. She also is a personal trainer and brings her passion for a healthy lifestyle to Starfish Gourmet’s extremely small open kitchen where she creates her dishes.

“I want to offer items for all lifestyles,” said Thill. “So there will be lighter spa fare like Mediterranean style dishes and also split pea soup with smoked duck. I also want to incorporate local flavors and really just use the freshest produce available.”

With prices ranging from $5 for soups to $15 for fresh fish entrees, Thill makes sure there is something for every palette.

Check out the Gourmet to Go offerings at Starfish Gourmet, which are usually ready by noon or 1 p.m. on weekdays. For more information call 715-3663.