Jeanie Cockayne Responds to Chris Schatzman Beating

Dear Editor:

My heart sank when I saw the picture in your online edition of Chris Schatzman. Seriously, how many more people will have to be hurt or murdered in Cruz Bay attacks, before the VIPD stands up and takes notice? Chris is absolutely correct, nothing has been done in Jamie’s case to our knowledge. Although I have requested information as to the status of Kamal “Six Pack” Thomas and his so-called electronic monitoring from Ms. Leslie Webb, our crime victim advocate, I have been unable to receive any information. When we request information on a trial date we do not get an answer.

It is all too common for cases to be dismissed because evidence collected is “lost” (ha, I don’t believe that) or simply never sent off island to the FBI. We have asked why the homes of the three involved — Meade, Thomas and Boston — were not searched, we have asked why their cell phone records were never requested.

Everyone knows the police refused to issue a search warrant and examine the getaway car for months! There never was a logical reason. Perhaps someone can explain why it took more than two months to search the car.

Perhaps someone can explain why the third killer has not been charged in Jamie’s murder?

We have not received a trial date. Although other crimes which occurred shortly before or after Jamie’s murder have routinely been tried, our son’s murder does not seem to be “important enough” for the V.I. Justice Department to prosecute.

I find it disgusting and shameful. Our collective pleading has fallen on deaf ears, why?

I again ask victims to contact me via email at or 215-862-1142 or snail mail to 14 Kingswood Drive, New Hope, PA 18938. We have gathered together a very powerful research package. We are submitting our package to cable media, radio and politicians. I continue to search for more victims. The more people we hear from, the more validity our pleas for justice for all will be heard.

I have had people — convicts — contact me, who Six Pack confessed to. Imagine if you can how painful it is to send a witness to the Justice Department and never hear a word.

How hard is it to have an officer walk the dangerous streets of Cruz Bay in order to keep citizens safe? Chris, we have not given up fighting for some small amount of protection for the citizens of St. John. Please contact me if you feel comfortable.

Believe me when I tell you, the package we will be submitting, is not all about Jamie. The bulk of this package is about corruption in government and the VIPD. Residents are all too aware of the disgusting situation occurring on the beautiful island of St. John, however, we here in the states are still shocked to read the papers and crime stats.

Don’t even try to say the crime is no worse in the territory than the U.S. mainland. All anyone has to do is read the V.I. Daily News to understand the crime in the V.I. is way worse than here in the states.
Yes, bad things happen everywhere. Is that any reason to throw up you hands and say that’s life?
Victims, I need your help so please contact me.

Chris, I wish someone would do something to pick up those punks and not return them to the streets! Today a beating, tomorrow a stabbing and soon thereafter a shooting. The criminals are empowered because they are confident they will go free and continue beating and killing with no consequences.

On a lighter note we just got a new family member, Eustace, a chocolate labrador, 12 weeks old and 17 pounds.

Jeanie Cockayne