JESS Students Compose Letters of Empathy to Japanese Children

JESS students Kimisa Smith, at left, and Zakiyah Gregoire share letters they wrote to children of Japan during their language arts class.

After watching footage of the devastating earthquake and tsunami which inundated Japan on March 15, Julius E. Sprauve School students were moved to reach out to fellow students on the pacific island.

Fourth, fifth and sixth grade students in Diane Cameron’s language arts class wrote Letters of Empathy to the children of Japan last week, expressing their sadness and sharing their grief.

“I told them I felt sad for them and hoped that no one in their families was killed,” said Doug Walters, a sixth grader at JESS.
Kemisha Hoheb was so moved by the images of the disaster, she wants to start a funderaiser, the sixth grader explained.

“I told them that I felt so sorry for them and that I wanted to do anything I could to help,” said Hoheb. “We want to have a fundraiser to help the people in Japan.”

When Kimisa Smith saw the footage of the tsunami, she couldn’t believer her eyes.

“I told them about my island,” said Smith. “Also I told them that when I saw what happened, I couldn’t believe it.”

After Niquita Powell saw images of the earthquake, she was moved to tears.

“I was ready to cry when I saw what happened,” Powell said. “I told them that I will pray for them and their friends.”

JESS officials mailed the students’ letters to the American Red Cross in Japan, explained Cameron.

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Dear Children of Japan,
I am writing to you this letter to let you know that I feel all the pain that you’re going through. Also I want you to know that I will be praying for you and hoping that you will make it through this disaster you’re in and that you can also get back on track so you can rebuild your live and live happily.   
Tyric Reggie, 6th Grade

I heard about what happened to your families and pets. I will help all I can. I hope you will get fresh water and food. Believe that care can move mountains. I will pray for you night and day. You can believe in God. Do not give up, just keep believing.
Sincerely Your Friend,
Brianna Wilson, 4th grade

I am so sorry for what happened to the people of Japan. When our class was watching this disaster on the news, it made me feel like I was there with you.  I am really sorry for the homeless people and all who lost their homes and their belongings that were washed away. 
My hope for the people of Japan is that they will be able to locate their loved ones and rebuild their communities. I hope that one day I will be able to visit or donate something to the people of Japan.
Your friend,
Bryan Christopher, 6th Grade

I feel your pain, if an earthquake that level had hit my little island, the island would be destroyed. With the after shock of the tsunami, there would have been no St. John. You children of Japan must be missing your family members. Some of them are goner, some are missing. Eventually you will find them, have faith in yourself and you’ll see.   
Kaheem Walters

I am very shocked about the tsunami. My warmest regard is for you and your family. Watching the news, I feel your pain. I can’t imagine how you feel.
Kenna Jacobs

I’m sorry for the tsunami and earthquake that you faced. I know that you are going through so much trying to rebuild and recover from the earthquake and tsunami. I hope that you are not getting so much of an effect with the radiations. I feel sad for all your loss that you have had. Therefore, I hope you all recover safely.           
Reanna Victorin 4th grade

I heard that Japan had a tsunami and an earthquake. I am so sorry for your loss of family, friends and pets. I hope that you and your loved ones have food and clean water supplies to keep you and your family alive.
I hope you and your family have a nice and wonderful day. I would be delighted to come and help you find your loved ones. I wish you and your family peace and love in your hometown.   
Patrick Hendrickson

We heard about the earthquake and tsunami so we feel sad for what happened to you. I hope that you can build back everything that happened. I also hope no one in your family died or was pulled out to sea.  We hope and pray that you can survive for now.       
Doug Walters-6th grade

It is very sad about what happened in Japan. I hope everyone is safe. I also hope your family is safe. I can’t imagine how you feel. My principal in Julius E. Sprauve School on St. John, US Virgin Islands told me “Care can move mountains.” If you trust and believe in faith, you will be able to overcome it all.  You are all in my heart and prayers.
Sincerely Your friend,
De’Shawna Davis 4th grade

I am sorry for what happened to your country and I feel almost the same way as you all, sad. Therefore I will do whatever it takes to help you all in any way possible. I will start by praying for you all every day and night. I hope that would send some sort of comfort to all the families and friends that are suffering. It was a sad disaster that left many people hurt, but at least your country now has a siren for you all to be warned just in case. Well I hope you all get through the disaster safely and healthfully. I bet you all miss your family, friends and pets. I would also like to wish you all good luck and hope you all have fun at school again.
Ahe’sha Williams 4th grade

I am very sorry for you and hope you find your loved ones. I truly have never seen such a disaster before and have not gone through such pain and suffering. I hope you can eventually go to school and have safe water that you can drink. My regards go out to all the people of Japan. Don’t give up and think you can’t make it because God will provide and help you. Just remember that God is in control and knows all things both great and small. May God watch over you and help you through our trials and tribulations.
Keziah Liburd 5th grade

I am sorry that your homes got damaged. I am going to pray for you. I wished that it never happened. You should pray too, I feel your pain. I hope you and your family survive. I hope you have fresh water and food.
Kiahra Boynes 4th grade

I am thirteen years old. I’m in the 6th grade. I live in St. John with my mom and dad and my two sisters, but my mom and dad live in two different homes.
When my mom told me about your terrible disaster, I didn’t believe her at first, but when I got to school; my teachers pulled it up on the laptop. My whole class was shocked. One of the girls in my class said what happened to you could happen to us. I really hope that you guys rebuild your community very soon and I hope you find your missing family members.
P.S. I’ve been praying for you guys since day one when I heard what happened.
Kimisa Smith 6th Grade

Hi, my name is Ronald A. Lee Junior. I live in St. John, USVI. I am sorry about the loss of your family and friends from the earthquake and tsunami disaster. I hope that the problem with the nuclear plant will soon be fixed so that it does not affect your environment and your water. I wish I could help you by bringing water. I give my blessings and my warmest regards to all of you and your families during this time.   
Ronald Lee Jr. 5th grade

I am sorry to hear what happened to your country.  When I saw on the news what the earthquake and tsunami did to your island, I could not believe my eyes. I live on an island too, and it is named  St. John, United States Virgin Islands. I would really like to donate something to help you all build back up your island. I watch the news all the time just to see how you are doing. I wish I could do magic and make all the bad things about the earthquake go away so that you could go back to school and play with your friends. Only if I knew all the trouble you guys were going through, I would try to make it better for you. Don’t feel sad, things in Japan are going to get better for you, your family, your friends and all the people in Japan. I will continue praying for you everyday and the people in Japan.
Shamari Olivieri 6th grade