JESS Students Enjoy 42 New Computers Thanks to Support of Community Event


JESS Principal Dionne Wells, above, shows off the recently purchased computers in the Cruz Bay school’s new technology lab.

Thanks to generous community support, students in both the primary and secondary grades at Julius E. Sprauve School are learning lessons on brand new computers.

Twenty-one new computers were installed recently for the JESS primary students while another 21 computers were installed in a secondary classroom lab.

The funds to purchase the new and much-appreciated technology at the Cruz Bay public school were raised at a January event hosted at an Estate Rendezvous home and attended by many St. John residents.

“All of these computers and several more computers at Guy Benjamin School were all purchased from funds raised at the January party,” said JESS Principal Dionne Wells. “Our students and our staff are really excited about the new computers.”

The computers were installed and running by the time students returned to classes in early September, Wells explained.

“They are all up and running and are hooked up to a central system which is making it really easy to use and to monitor,” said Wells.

Community support is vital to the school’s success, Wells added.

“We want the community to know that we really appreciate the support,” she said.