KatiLady Plans To Offer Classes and Tastings at New Lumberyard Location

KatiLady’s new larger digs at the Lumberyard.

After six years at her latest location, Katherine Steinborn of KatiLady Catering has moved her popular business to the Lumberyard.

“We were busting at the seams,” said Steinborn about her previous location on the first floor of the Tradewinds building. “We have moved to a larger kitchen and office space.”

In addition to her new digs, Steinborn took the opportunity of her move to announce a new venture —  Weddings by KatiLady.

Although Steinborn has been operating her catering and full service wedding planning business on St. John for 14 years, she just recently split the ventures into two distinct companies.

“We now have two companies,” said Steinborn. “One company features catering — KatiLady Catering — and the other features wedding planning — Weddings by KatiLady. Two different divisions, same great service.”

This is far from Steinborn’s first move. Over more than a decade of running her catering business, Steinborn has managed her share of relocations.

“We were at the Tradewinds building for six years and before that we owned KatiLady Vegetarian Deli and Catering where Ronnie’s Pizza is now,” said Steinborn. “Before that we were in the building that got torn down near St. John Car Rental. I’ve relocated so many times, but this was a tough one.”

As her equipment and storage continue to expand, each successive relocation has taken a little longer, Steinborn added.

“We have more stuff and heavier equipment, so it’s not easy,” she said. “We’re living out of boxes, but we’re still going and still managing to give full service to our clients. Our brides and our clients come first.”

The very nature of catering has equipped Steinborn with the skills to operate under the pressure of moving.

“When you think about it, this is kind of the nature of the business,” Steinborn said. “We go into different villas every time we do a wedding. So we’re used to having a different setting every time we put on an event.”

“You have to think on your feet in this business,” said Steinborn. “My kitchen is actually bigger than before so once I’m all settled, I’ll enjoy it and it will lend itself to more ventures.”

While Steinborn is operating out of a new site, clients can expect the same great service and amazing food from KatiLady Catering. In fact, the move is allowing Steinborn to expand her offerings and the chef plans to launch cooking classes and demonstrations soon, she explained.

“While  we will still be offering our same great service, now our kitchen will accommodate cooking classes and demonstrations for up to 20 people,” said Steinborn. “The classes will be hands-on with students either enjoying their finished project together or taking it home to their families. I’m modeling it on when I went to school in New York.”

“They had a recreation center where people would come in and they would teach you knife skills or how to make butter cream or do Italian food,” said Steinborn. “Then you would either sit down and eat together or take it home to your family. So you would leave with the knowledge and the food.”

Steinborn is also working on offering wine classes or tastings with Paul Kessock of West Indies, she added.

“Paul and I are looking into offering classes for people who want to learn more about wine or offering pairings and tastings,” said Steinborn. “We have the right space and we’re entertaining all sorts of options like that.”

What Steinborn ultimately offers in her new expanded Lumberyard location will be based on what the public wants, according to the chef.

“I want to hear from people,” Steinborn said. “I want to get feedback from people on Facebook and I want to offer what people want. I heard from one woman who wanted to learn how to make a birthday cake that didn’t look homemade.”

“But that is just one idea,” said Steinborn. “I want to wait and see what kind of feedback we get before we decide on what classes or demonstrations to plan.”

Steinborn thanked the owner and manager of the Lumberyard for making her move as smooth as possible, she added.

“Lumberyard owner Michael Weinman really went above and beyond to make sure we were taken care of and Nick, the manager of the Lumberyard, runs a tight ship keeping everything clean and efficient,” said Steinborn. “We are so happy with the Lumberyard and we have a view of the ocean — what could be better than that.”

“We would also like to thank all the people who made this move possible — Bob Lynch Trucking, Dr. Cool and Chester, Maxwell, Baptiste, my Rotary family, 1st Phase Datacom, the KatiLady team and project manager Mark Malizzo,” Steinborn said. “We couldn’t have done this without you.”

For more information stop by KatiLady in the rear building of the Lumberyard, call 693-8500 or visit www.katilady.com.