Keep Cruise Ships Away from St. John


Cruise ship passengers are being brought over in large boats to the Creek. Is this a good thing? I am not sure St. John wants these kind of visitors. They are usually very cheap and  do not spend much money; maybe they drop $20 for something. The possible exception is the Windjammer, which seem like a better group of folks.

The downside is they burden the infrastructure for no real benefit. Plus, they create a crowded, rushed, hectic atmosphere. This has adversely impacted the upscale tourist market on St. Thomas, St. Martin, etc. St. John has been, and should be, an exclusive destination, one for nature lovers and/or the wealthy to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere.

I think the cruise ship day visitors are a big negative and will eventually drive off the high end visitors. Those same spaces in the Creek could be reserved for the tenders to the big yachts. We should encourage them to visit. The yacht owners and charter guests should be a target market, not the one day cheap cruise ship visitors who do nothing for St. John — let them stay on St. Thomas and create traffic.

Ever try driving from Havensight to town on a big ship day? It takes 30 minutes. We don’t need that on St. John.

Just my two cents.
Eric Tillet