Keep St. John’s Natural Beauty

Letter to Editor:

For the last ten years my husband and I have spent at least a month a year on St. John.

Part of the allure of the island is the natural beauty. We stay on Coral Bay. No condos. No high rises. We stay in our same quiet spot snd visit with those that live here and have become our friends over the last decade. What was once a vacation has now turned into coming to the island to see friends. Can’t say we’re tourists since we’ve been here so often but we’re not locals either (Are we…LOC…ISTS?).

Please…do not build any complexes that will take away from the beauty of the island.

You can “Pave paradise and put up a parking lot”…just don’t go nine stories high! If I want to look at that, I’ll stay in NJ!

Pam Cox
New Jersey