Kenneth Mapp wins gubernatorial run-off election for the U.S. Virgin Islands.


U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS – Ken Mapp, an Independent, won a decisive victory over longtime Congressional Delegate Donna Christensen, a Democrat, in a runoff for the Governorship of the US Virgin Islands. Unofficial election results published on the Board of Elections website has Mapp and his running mate, Osbert Potter, with 63.89% and Christensen at 35.87% with 89.19% of the votes counted. Stateside, Christensen, who has been a Delegate for 18 years, was the favorite prior to the general election on November 4, but Mapp won that race in an almost 8 point upset although he did not attain the 50% plus one required to avoid a runoff.

“Delegate Christensen was a worthy opponent and I commend her for her almost two decades of service working in Congress and respect her patriotism and love for the people of the Virgin Islands,” Mapp stated. “I spoke the Delegate last night and have asked her that in the future months, if I could seek her counsel as Osbert and I begin our work to on the many challenges our Territory faces. I look forward to all Virgin Islanders coming together and working to build a better future for our people.”

Mapp has served in government for almost 30 years including as a Lt. Governor, Senator and positions such as the Director of the Public Finance Authority, Commissioner of Insurance, Chairman of the Banking Board and Administrator of the Foreign Sales Corporation.

The Harvard-educated Mapp’s platform includes job creation, lowering high energy costs and rebuilding the Virgin Islands economy.
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