Lack of Sidewalk Makes Cruz Bay Dangerous

St. John residents and visitors are forced to walk in the street in front of the busy Loredon Boynes Sr. Ferry dock while Frank Powell Sr. Park is renovated.

While reports of a pedestrian being struck by a vehicle along the Cruz Bay waterfront last week were unconfirmed, residents continued to lament the lack of a sidewalk in one of the island’s busiest areas.

“Why is public safety being put on the back-burner,” asked Dan Boyd.

Cruz Bay lost one of its only and most traversed sidewalks in early February when Department of Public Works’ contractor Apex Construction installed a tall beige fence around the Frank Powell Park.

The fence was installed in anticipation of renovations to the Cruz Bay park, but residents questioned why the fence also blocked off the sidewalk. The problem could be easily fixed, according to Boyd.

“They could move the fence — just move it back four feet,” he said. “Those four feet would make the area much safer. It would take two guys maybe one day to do it.”

“It would make a huge difference for public safety,” said Boyd. “That road is scary now, it really is. If someone gets hit, the onus would be back on the government.”