Lady Gang Presents Immersive Art Experience on St Thomas Thursday

Lady Gang will perform Thursday at Tillett Gardens. (Submitted photo)

Jen Korte, known by her stage name “Lady Gang,” is bringing immersive art to St. Thomas with a Thursday event at Tillett Gardens that also celebrates the release of her newest album. Korte’s innovative live performances have long captivated audiences in the Virgin Islands. As a one-woman show, she layers tracks of various instruments to create a rich, full sound, all while showcasing her vocal talent.

Now, she is poised to take her talents beyond the Virgin Islands. Her upcoming tour includes stops in Texas, New Mexico, Wyoming, Colorado, and potentially a return to St. Thomas, where she has garnered significant local support.

Before embarking on her tour, though, Korte will host a free album release party on May 30 at Tillett Gardens. This event, the culmination of over two years of work, promises to be a significant cultural occasion for St. Thomas. In collaboration with local artist Amy Gibbs, Korte will present the island’s first immersive art exhibit. The evening will feature live music, food, drinks, and unique decorations, including life-sized cacti and astronaut suits.

Also rolled into the event is the premiere of Korte’s film, “Ascension.” The film, which complements the album, tells the story of an astronaut’s journey from space to becoming an ancestor, visually interpreting each track on the album.

Attendees will be fully immersed in the event’s meticulously crafted environment, designed to reflect Korte’s artistic vision. While admission is free, donations are encouraged to support Korte’s ongoing artistic efforts and to help bring similar experiences to other locations.

A primary goal of the event is securing grant funding to expand the production. If successful, Korte hopes to return to St. Thomas to continue her filmmaking efforts.

Korte’s aspirations include opening for Reyna Tropical, a band with South American influences that has inspired her. As her career continues to evolve, Korte’s presence in the art, music, and film scenes is set to grow rapidly.