Learn How To Ride Horses at Carolina Corral


Stop by and say hi to two-year-old Dustin at Carolina Corral.

Starting in mid-October, Carolina Corral in Coral Bay will offer riding lessons.

Riders of all experiences and ages are encouraged to head over to the stables, explained Carolina Corral owner Dana Bartlett.

“We will start at beginner level hunt seat with some dressage,” Bartlett said. “Eventually as riders progress we’ll begin jumping.”

With horses of all sizes, Barlett will be sure to find the perfect match for all riders, she added.

“I have all sizes of horses, everyone of them well mannered with some more energetic then others,” said Bartlett.

While the lessons are open to anyone, in order to learn the skill of riding Bartlett encouraged residents to register for two classes each week.

“I recommend students ride twice a week to get the full benefit of their lessons, plus the physical build necessary for good horsemanship,” said the Carolina Corral owner.

Riding lessons will be available on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons as well as Saturday mornings. Both children and adults are welcome and classes will be limited to no more than five riders.

Private lessons are also available. For the very young there will be parent/child grooming and riding lessons with the donkeys.

For more information call (340) 693-5778.