Letter to the Editor – Flood Issue on St. John

Photo courtesy of News of St. John. [hr gap=”1″]

Editor’s Note: This letter was submitted after the heavy rains on Tuesday, November 8, 2016.

Dear Tradewinds Editor,

Two years ago there was a St John Chamber of Commerce meeting with over 15 people in attendance.

One of the issues being discussed was the paving of the area next to the Waste Water Treatment Plant and the very small culvert that was being installed. When a few members voiced their concerns about the flooding potential; we were told not to worry that the Engineers said it would be fine.

Now we have cars floating down the street and at least three feet of water in the street due to the flooding.

I think the Engineer of this debacle should be held accountable. The VIPA should fix this problem asap before someone gets hurt or killed!

Thank you,
Dan Boyd
Lovango Cay