Letter from Governor Kenneth Mapp States Curfew Until 5 p.m.

Good morning.

After conferring with the Lt. Governor, Attorney General, Police Commissioner, Adjutant General, Commissioner of DPW, VITEMA Director, VIWAPA Executive Director and my Chief Counsel I have, pursuant to the powers vested in me by the Revised Organic Act of 1954, Declared a State of Emergency in the Virgin Islands at 11:00pm, August 27th. This declaration stems from the continued deterioration of conditions in the VI caused by Tropical Storm Erika; trees are down, electrical lines and poles are down, roadways are blocked by debris. In addition, and under cover of darkness two shootings have occurred.

As a result of the declaration of emergency, a curfew has been imposed across the Virgin Islands until 5:00pm, August 28th or until such time that the conditions of the territory improve. A price freeze on goods and services in the territory are immediately frozen at their current levels. All Territorial Peace Officers are deputized by an order of the Governor as law enforcement officers of the Virgin Islands and shall each immediately report to the Police Commissioner for assignment.

As Governor and Commander in Chief of the Virgin Islands National Guard, pursuant to Title 23, Chapter 19 VIC, I have ordered the Virgin Islands National Guard into Territorial Active Military Service during the State of Emergency. The Adjutant General shall mobilize such units of the National Guard as are necessary to maintain and keep public order to guarantee the safety of life and property.

I ask all residents and visitors of the Territory to remain indoors and off of the public streets while we assess the conditions of and clear our public streets, roads and highways. In addition, VIWAPA will have its crews out after the storm has abated to assess and make all necessary repairs to our electrical system.

At the current time, conditions are expected to deteriorate further as more rains and wind gusts continue. Our Emergency Operations Center are fully staffed and functioning. I thank all of our dedicated employees for their hard work and sacrifice away from their families during this difficult period. In the end we will be fine. Folks please stay dry, stay home and stay safe. God bless.

Ken Mapp