Limetree Bay Provides Clarification on COVID-19 Reports

Limetree Bay Terminals

The executive management of Limetree Bay Refining LLC and Limetree Bay Terminals LLC informs the public of the details of its COVID-19 testing program. Limetree began its testing program on July 9. To date, Limetree has conducted more than 11,000 tests and reduced the positivity rate to less than 1 percent. All test results are reported on a daily basis to the Department of Health. The following represents the data reported daily:

  • All Limetree employees and contractors tested (including family members)
  • Contact information for all persons tested
  • All Limetree employees and contractors quarantined in/out of the Limetree Village
  • All persons identified as a contact trace of a positive case
  • All Limetree employees and contractors identified as recovered per notice from DOH. It is important to note that no person is released to return to work unless cleared by DOH.

As of Tuesday morning, Limetree has 11 active cases awaiting release from DOH. This information is subject to change daily.

Limetree firmly stands behind its consistent and transparent reporting of information to DOH and the public. The company will continue to provide information daily to DOH and will continue to work with the Government of the Virgin Islands and the Department of Health to help curtail the spread of COVID-19.