Limetree Interns Finish Up Program

Limetree Bay interns celebrate Friday for completing their summer training program. (Photo by Limetree Bay Terminals)
Limetree Bay interns celebrate Friday for completing their summer training program. (Photo by Limetree Bay Terminals)

On Friday, Limetree Bay Terminals recognized 20 young Virgin Islanders who completed Limetree’s 2019 summer internship program.

The program provided interns tangible work experience in areas that best fit their individual interests. During the six to eight week internship program, interns were assigned specific work activities and projects within Limetree.

Interns worked in various departments that included engineering, information technology, security, safety and environmental, maintenance, marine, medical, warehouse, human resources and other areas. The interns were required to complete a detailed application and interview process and also got the opportunity to learn many of the operational aspects of Limetree, the company said in its news release.

The students also gained insight into the human resources, security and safety policies and procedures of the company.

Several interns completed Basic Plus training, the benchmark for general safety rules, regulations, practices, and principles within the petroleum refining industry along with site specific training and received certifications. The interns had the opportunity to learn about the complexities and rewards involved in working at the terminal.

“Limetree’s summer intern program allows young Virgin Islanders an opportunity to explore various careers in the energy industry,” said Darius Sweet, Limetree Bay Terminals chief executive officer.

“It is important that our company continues to partner with the Virgin Islands community to develop young people throughout the territory. Each individual at Limetree plays a critical role in the overall success of the organization and we appreciate all the departments and mentors that worked with the students,” he said in the statement issued by the company.

Limetree Bay Terminals is an oil storage business located within the former Hovensa refinery. A sister company, Limetree Bay Refining, is working to restart a portion of the former refinery possibly by the end of the year or in January of 2020. Both entities may be hiring additional staff in the coming months, based on projections made during legislative hearings on their contract with the V.I. government.