Limetree Testing Flare as Part of ‘Extended Refinery Shutdown’ Process

The west end of Limetree Bay Refinery overlooks an aqua sea on May 25. (Source file photo by Patricia Borns)

In preparation for the extended shutdown of Limetree Bay’s refinery, the company announced plans to begin testing the flare this weekend.

In a news release issued Saturday the company said it completed repair work on Flare No. 8 and expects to begin pre-startup testing of the flare on Saturday, following an EPA-approved procedure.

This testing includes lighting multiple pilots on the flare, Limetree said, and during this process, a small flame may be visible at the tip of the flare. The company said testing is necessary as flaring is a normal part of the process to safely remove oil and gases from the refinery in preparation for the extended shutdown period.

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