Lindy Returns from Hospital

Cruz Bay denizen Lindy Frazier spent several days in the hospital on St. Thomas during the last week of August.

A longtime fixture known for collecting leftover food and unfinished bottles of beer around town, Lindy was said to have been placed in in-patient medical care “against his will.”

Apparently Lindy could not remain hospitalized against his will even though at one point he was repeatedly falling down.

Lindy, although not techinically homeless, usually calls the streets between the Cruz Bay Post Office and  the Fish Trap Restaurant  his home.

The tall, thin Lindy, who often has a weathered bundle of newspapers and magazines under his arm, likes having a beer or two on a regular basis, and often asks locals and visitors for change, cigarettes, food and drinks.

Recently, Lindy’s lifestyle, and lack of preventative health care and treatment, have apparently started to catch up with him. In the middle of August, Lindy started going down hill, appearing more and more physically ill by the day.

Rather than sitting on the side of the street or the curb as usual, Lindy started lying down just about anywhere in Cruz Bay — including in front of the Julius E. Sprauve School.

When several business owners asked him to move along he did so, apparently as long as he was able to.

On August 20, Lindy was found lying on a large blue tarp directly in front of the entrance to the former Duffy’s Love Shack location  

Sources told Tradewinds that medical providers assigned to Cruz Bay informed concerned locals that the downtown fixture was in the process of dying. Medical para-professionals were reportedly checking on Lindy up to five times a day.

The police were repeatedly called, but said they couldn’t do anything. Lindy’s mother showed up one morning with an ambulance in hopes of taking him to the hospital, but didn’t get him to budge.

On the evening of Friday, August 22, Lindy managed to remove his clothing. Three police vehicles showed up and somehow authorities managed to take him to the hospital, where he stayed for several days.

Lindy looked markedly improved upon his return to Cruz Bay several days later. He was walking about Cruz Bay again and actually smiling. Within a few days, however, Lindy’s health had already noticeably started to decline again.

As of press time Lindy was still walking the streets of Cruz Bay and accepting well-wishes from passersby and was even spotted drinking an Ensure.