Little Church in Hard Labor Steps Up To Aid Dominica After Storm Damage

HARD LABOR — In the wake of tropical storm Erica, several islands throughout the Caribbean have come together to send relief efforts to the severely hit Dominica.

A little church nestled in Hard Labor has begun to reach out to the community so that St. John can add to the relief efforts.

Pastor Joseph Luke of the Calvary Baptist Church has established a collection box in the church.

“We ask that the community brings in things such as clothes, canned food, toiletries, and school supplies,” said Luke. “We hope to gather enough items so the first box can be sent towards the middle of this month.”

Donations to North and South
Donations to the damaged island have frequently been made through three different ways, through the Red Cross, directly the government and to different churches located throughout the island.

The Calvary Baptist Church has opted to send donations to two churches: Olivet First Baptist Church in the north, and Deliverance Baptist Church in the south.

Pastor Joseph Luke indicated that he had worked alongside the pastors from the two churches in the past.

“I was a part of a program in Dominica called Operation Christmas Child, where volunteers gave away Christmas gifts to children. It was during this program that I got to meet Pastor Preston Simpson of Olivet First Baptist Church, and Pastor David Serrant of Deliverance Baptist Church,” explained Luke.

After tropical storm Erica struck the island, Pastor Luke contacted the two pastors and arranged for donations to be sent to their respective churches.

Assisting the Church in Donating
The church is not alone in collecting donations, it also is receiving assistance from Peninsula Baptist Church in North Carolina.

“The Calvary Baptist Church has been in a ministry partnership with Peninsula Baptist Church since 2010,” said Luke. “They will be able to assist us in sending at least two donation boxes to Dominica.”

The church also is supported by several companies and Paul Alexander on St. Thomas, who hope to lighten the cost of shipping.

The church urges the community to take part in the donations. Pastor Luke concluded.

“We’re doing our best to help as often as we can,” he added. “This initiative is not for church members alone, the community is invited to help as well.”

Those interested in donating should bring their items to the Calvary Baptist Church.