Local Red Hat Ladies Raising Money for Breast Cancer Patient


(L to R) Billye Mayo, Carol Tuohy, Joan Sereika and Marla Cooke, show off a few of the beautiful bras they decorated to raise funds for a breast cancer patient in the territory.


Four colorfully adorned ladies took over the bar at High Tide last week, but not to disrupt service; the ladies are raising money for a local cancer patient.

Carol Tuohy, Billye Mayo, Joan Sereika and Marla Cooke are members of the St. Thomas chapter of the Red Had Ladies, an international organization of women over 50 who like to dress up and have fun. Calling themselves the Caribbean Palm Bonnets, the women have lately been combining their love of fun and their desire to help the community, which is what brought them to High Tide Restaurant on Wednesday morning, October 2.

“Usually the Red Hat Ladies and our Caribbean Palm Bonnet group is just for fun,” said Tuohy, who calls herself the Queen Mother of the Caribbean Palm Bonnets. “But for the past three years we’ve been running a project in October we call Bling Bling Bras for Breast Cancer. We decorate bras and hang them up in local places and get people to vote for their favorite.”

Each vote cost at least $1, but residents are encourgared to donate more than that, Tuohy added.

“We hope people vote early and often,” she said.

All of the money collected through the Bling Bling Bras for Breast Cancer will go directly to someone suffering from the disease, Tuhoy explained.

“All of the money that we collect we give to an unisured breast cancer patient in the Virgin Islands,” she said.

The beautifully decorated bras will hang at High Tide for two weeks when they will be moved over to Connections and displayed there for the rest of October. The group will also display several blinged out bras on St. Thomas where they will split time between three establishments; Red Hook Mail Services, Betsey’s Bar in Frenchtown and finally Island Time Pub at American Yacht Harbor.

Don’t forget to stop by and cast that vote and help a local unisured breast cancer patient.