Logan’s Legacy Lives On with “Logan Cruz the Superhero Day” Named in His Honor

Logan Cruz’s legacy lives on as “Logan Cruz the Superhero Day” approaches on May 13, his birthday.

Logan Cruz, who would’ve been five on Monday, grabbed the hearts of many Virgin Islanders after his two-year battle with Leukemia.

Logan Cruz began to battle Leukimia at the tender age of seven months. (Photo courtesy Anais Cruz)

His mother, Anais Cruz, said that the proclamation was originally made in May 2022. When she made the proclamation, she was told that she would have to update it each year, but thanks to Executive Coordinator Karlene Angol, the day was achieved. This means that “Logan Cruz the Superhero Day” will forever be in V.I. History.

“I made a post about Logan having his own day, and she helped to make it happen,” Cruz said, referring to Angol’s help in ensuring Logan’s day was placed in history.

In honor of “Logan Cruz the Superhero Day,” Cruz is asking that the community wear orange.  In his honor, community members can also pick up small pins that can be worn on their shirts. The pins are available at Sonya LTD, La Reine Chicken Shack, V.I. Coffee Roasters and Ride into Fitness Studio and will be at those locations starting on Monday and throughout the week.

Today, Cruz continues her work with the nonprofit Logan Miracle Foundation, which has been in existence for five years, by committing to uphold the courageous legacy of Logan and all the children who have bravely fought the battle of Leukemia.

“This is more than just Logan, there are other children that are worldwide fighting this right now.  I want them to know that they are also superheroes. That their fight is important to us,” said Cruz.

Logan’s mother works with the Logan Miracle Foundation in Logan’s honor. (Photo courtesy Anais Cruz)

During Logan’s battle with cancer, Cruz said that she quickly realized the topic of childhood cancer was not spoken of because we are not educated on it. “Being the one nonprofit that brings awareness to childhood cancer here, I feel that it’s important to shed light on how these kids are so small but so resilient” she said.

“I want to be there for that next mom that is going to be in my position. I want to be there for that next kid that ends up in Logan’s position. I know what it’s like, I fought for three years. I want the Logan Miracle Foundation to be a support to any child that comes across any forms of cancer,” said Cruz.

Cruz credits the Virgin Islands communities for their support during Logan’s battle. “I want people to know that Logan’s fight didn’t go in vain. He had purpose and now I feel like it’s my duty to fulfill that purpose,” said Cruz.

Cruz wants people to remember how resilient Logan was. “He was a symbol of pure love, joy, happiness and symbolizes peace for me. He’s gone, but every single day I still do something that pertains to Logan.” In his honor, she continues to maintain his beautiful grave site.

Logan’s grave continues to be maintained by his mother Anais Cruz. (Photo courtesy Anais Cruz)

Cruz said the more people she encounters, the more inspired she becomes, but her mission doesn’t change; it just gets bigger.

“I have met so many amazing people during this journey. This journey is literally a day at a time. Overall, the objective is to raise awareness of childhood cancer and to keep Logan’s memory alive. We strive to provide support, resources to these families through education, fundraising and community outreach. We aim to make a lasting impact. Ensure that parents who are currently fighting, and those who have been there and lost know we are still here for you,” she said.

Cruz’s goal is for the Logan Miracle Foundation to go global.

Last year, for Leukemia Month, the foundation gave back to a school, spoke to children about the vicious cancer, and provided giveaways, including Logan’s favorite cookie, Oreos. Cruz has other exciting ideas on the way to honor Logan.

“People think that okay Logan passed and that’s the end of the story. What people fail to realize is that it may have been the end of the story for Logan being here, but it was the beginning of a journey of grief, a journey of struggling to stay alive, a journey of finding purpose, a journey of healing. Because how do you find purpose in that pain when everything was taken from you?” A question Cruz is still searching for as a grieving parent.

Logan and his mother Anais Cruz. (Photo courtesy Anais Cruz)

“The Logan Miracle Foundation keeps me grounded, it keeps me here, it keeps me together, it keeps me feeling like he’s proud of me,” she said.