Lovango Cay Resident Calls “Best of” Contests Ludicrous

St. John Tradewinds,
Is the best really the best? The following letter was submitted to The Daily News on Dec. 31, after the distribution of their 2006 Best of the V.I. Voters Guide and Official Ballot. For obvious reasons, The Daily News has not found the letter in their best interest to print.

Now that the Tradewinds has initiated its “Best Of” contest, we could find ourselves with two best bartenders, or two best of whatever on St. John. I think this only acts to further emphasize the ludicrousness of such a contest.

In any case, I am hoping that the Tradewinds is a more open forum than The Daily News, and that this opinion finds its way to your readership.

Is not “The Best,” the one that surpasses all the others?

I can cast a ballot for a person, place or thing I happen to like, but a tally of my vote along with all the other votes cast on the same basis certainly does not justify calling a person, place or thing the best.

I happen to have two bank accounts, one with Scotia, and one with First Bank. I can tell you which of the two I like best. I do not have an account at Banco Popular. Maybe it’s a better bank, but I don’t think I’ll open another account just to find out.

How many people have eaten at all the restaurants on St. Thomas, or tried all the funeral homes on St. Croix?

With all the papers being sold to people who will cast multiple ballots, and the advertising that will be sold to those proclaiming themselves the best, I guess I could vote for the Virgin Islands Daily News as having the best idea to increase revenue. Of course, I haven’t heard them all.

Of the 275 categories on the ballot, I found one to be notable by its absence. How about “Best Territorial Government?”

One thing is for sure. If you print this letter, I’ll vote for St. John Tradewinds as a true promoter of free speech.

Wally Leopold,
Lovango Cay

Publisher’s Note:
This is the second year of the St. John Tradewinds Best of St. John poll. There are no pre-selected nominees and winners are not required to be St. John Tradewinds advertisers. The only ballots accepted are printed in almost 10,000 copies of our paid circulation.