Love City Car Ferries Advises on How to Check In With a Reservation

Love City Car Ferries

Love City Car Ferries gets a lot of questions about the checking in process and what people need to do once they make a reservation. Just like you need to check in when you are catching a flight, it is also necessary to check in once you reach the vessel. If you don’t, then there is no way of us knowing you are there.

Follow these five simple steps:

Arrive to the dock before your reserved departure time;

If you are on St. Thomas, pay the government’s toll at the booth to the Virgin Islands Port Authority (VIPA;)

Follow the directives of the VIPA agents on the dock who will show you where to park your vehicle and/or they may also direct you to wait in a particular line;

If you had to park and it doesn’t look like you will get on, let someone on the vessel know that you have a reservation; this may require you exiting your vehicle; the captain is usually by the gate of the vessel;

Keep in mind that even if you have informed the toll clerk and the other VIPA agents helping you to park, the ferry company still does not know you have arrived until you specifically speak to us.
Just like the airport has TSA and other non-airline employees, so too does the dock have government agents who assist with your traveling. However, it is imperative that you let us know directly that you have arrived. In doing so, your reserved spot will not be given away.