Lt. Gov. Francis Reminds Residents to Prepare for Hurricane Season

Lieutenant Governor Gregory Francis is encouraging all Virgin Islanders to review their insurance policies and make any necessary adjustments in coverage prior to the 2009 hurricane season, which begins on June 1.  

Francis, who serves as the territory’s Commissioner of Insurance, said residents should take steps now to ensure they have the right type and amount of insurance coverage to protect their assets.

A review of insurance coverage should be a standard component of hurricane planning and emergency management, explained Francis.

“Recovering from any disaster is more challenging without adequate insurance coverage,” the lieutenant governor said.  

He recommended that residents review their policy to make sure they have the right type of coverage for their primary residence, whether it’s a house or a boat. Residents should also buy enough insurance to rebuild the home and replace all personal belongings,

It’s a good idea to take photographs of their home; and also photograph and inventory valuables and other personal property inside of the structure.

Residents should store important documents such as insurance policies, deeds, property records, etc. in a waterproof  and fireproof container or at an off island location; and evaluate their property and purchase flood insurance if needed.

Although many households are attempting to cut costs this year, insurance coverage is an item that should not be skimped on as a cost saving measure, explained Francis.

“Insurance is just another level of financial protection whose importance should not be overlooked,” said the lieutenant governor.

Francis reminded the community to update their property insurance regularly to include improvements, major purchases and increased rebuilding costs.