Lunch Lady Article Is “Manna From Heaven”


I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your article on the six ladies who make sure St. John’s school children are fed. This article was like manna from heaven, because these lovely ladies not only embody the spirit of Love City, but as they say walk the walk, not just talk the talk.

While most journalists take pride in reporting “hard hitting” news, it is heart warming stories like this that actually inspire change, and not the reporting of the constant din of complaining by self-professed do gooders. These beautiful souls who care for the children are our true leaders, and are who we as readers want to hear more about. I prefer at least a six to one ratio of inspirational stories to the “news.” Jaime, the fact that you saw this as a worthy story gives me hope for the media and says volumes about what kind of person you are!

Sure there are challenges on our island paradise. But let each of us follow the example of, who we as kids lovingly referred to as the “lunch ladies,” by doing whatever it is we do with a smile. This lets everyone know, that without a doubt, that we are determined to be a bright light of love, caring and sharing for all to see in Love City.

I plan on personally thanking each of these ladies for all they’ve done, not only for the children, but for their contribution to the consciousness that perpetuates the heart and soul of what is our island’s namesake. I also plan on encouraging everyone else I know to express gratitude to these beautiful island queens, and to everyone else in their lives who share themselves selflessly. The angels are among us. It is simply our job to see them.

With thanks and a heartfelt smile for you,
Rick Barksdale