Maho Bay Camps Cats Seek New Homes as Campground Closure Approaches


Maho Bay Camps resident Spooky is shy, but opens up when offered a treat. Maho staff is looking for a permanent home for Spooky as the eco-resort’s impending May 15 closure nears.

Ever wonder where pets get their names? Some get them from physical traits, favorite places, others from their personalities.

A Maho Bay Camps cat named Princess certainly earned hers. She has been treated like a princess by Maho staff for as long as most can remember. Now a new family is allowing her to live up to her name in a new home. 

Sarah and Paul are Maho guests who love the cats.  They were here earlier this season and were curious as to the future of the resident cats with Maho Bay Camps set to close on May 15. Some of the camp staff started the Maho Feline Relocation Program for the resident cats, ensuring the animals would have loving homes to go to once Maho closed. 

After returning home, Sarah could not stop thinking about the program and one cat in particular that she thought wouldn’t be adopted. So she booked an unscheduled trip back to St. John for the sole purpose of taking a Maho cat home with her.

Squeaks, the cat that had concerned Sarah, made it very clear that he was quite happy where he was and would not be moved elsewhere. Princess was another story.

Sarah and Princess soon came to like each other and after a clearance from Canines, Cats and Critters, the two new friends were on their way home. Since returning to Massachusetts, Sarah emailed to let us know that Princess was doing great and quickly made herself at home. 

Maho guests are known for being friendly and caring; Sarah and Paul proved once again just how wonderful they can be. 

All but three of the Maho cats are spoken for. Cleo, Spooky and Althea are available. Althea is by far the camp’s oldest resident cat and a favorite of guests. She would need to stay on island. The other two could go anywhere there is loving home following a full check-up at Canine Cats and Critters. 

If you are interested in adopting one of these lovely cats, please email us at If you fancy yourself a wild cat wrangler, you are welcome to try again with Squeaks.

Editor’s note: CiCi Davis is the wife of Maho Bay Campground’s General Manager, Adrian Davis. Asher, their son, is four years old.