Man Arrested for Attacking a Woman and Her Cat

On Saturday, a man was arrested for assault and animal abuse, police say.

Calijah Brewley, 21, was arrested after a former acquaintance reported that she had been assaulted. The victim stated that Brewley became upset after her cat allegedly attacked him and that he began chasing the animal throughout the house and struck it several times with a broom.

According to the VIPD, the victim further stated that Brewley grabbed a knife and told her that he was going to kill the cat. The victim said that when she tried to intervene, Brewley shoved her in the head, forcing her out of his way. The victim also said that later the same day, Brewley made threats to her life and attempted to strangle her by squeezing her around her neck.

Brewley was charged with assault, DV, animal abuse, and disturbance of the peace. No bail was set, and Brewley was remanded to the Bureau of Corrections, pending his advice of rights hearing.

Anyone having information about this crime can notify the Domestic Violence Bureau at 340-774-2211 Ext. 5534.