Man Faces Rape, Other Charges After STJ Man Alleges Assaults

A St. John man is facing rape and other charges after a person reported to police that he was sexually assaulted multiple times at his St. John residence, the V.I. Police Department reported.

Jabbar Abdul Gereau, 50, was arrested about 11:15 a.m. Sunday near the Emmanuel Baptiste Church on St. John after the alleged victim identified him as the person who sexually assaulted him multiple times, police reported.

The victim stated that Gereau entered his residence without permission and had sex with him against his will, according to the report. The victim added that he feared for his safety and was unable to defend himself against the assaults, police said.

According to a probable cause fact sheet by Detective Tamia Freeman, filed in V.I. Superior Court on Monday, Gereau would arrive at the victim’s residence unannounced, stay for a few days, force him to have sex, take a shower, take his clothing, and leave.

Investigation revealed that the victim lives alone, that he had a stroke in the past and has to walk with a cane, according to the court filing. “Emergency shelter was provided to [the victim] due to the fact that he was fearful that Mr. Gereau would return to his home and continue to sexually assault him. [The victim] has filed multiple reports indicating that Mr. Gereau has been coming to his residence to harass [and] assault him,” it said.

After the latest alleged incident on March 20, Gereau left the residence and said he was going to church, so the victim traveled to the Schneider Regional Medical Center on St. Thomas for medical attention, according to the fact sheet.

On Sunday, officers of the Leander Jurgen Command in Cruz Bay located Gereau on St. John and arrested him. Once at the Richard Callwood Command on St. Thomas, Gereau was asked “if he was willing to give a statement and he began to ramble, saying, ‘Did you talk to [the victim]? How can you rape someone that you know? Call [him] and tell him to stop this foolishness. I’ve had sex with men before but I never had sex with [him]. He’s gay. He has sex with guys!’ Mr. Gereau continued to yell and curse at officers, saying that he had business to take care of and that he is ready to go,” according to the fact sheet.

Gereau was advised of his rights and arrested for first-degree rape, first-degree burglary, false imprisonment, first-degree unlawful sexual contact, simple assault, harassment, and disturbance of the peace, police reported.

Gereau was denied bail and remanded to the Bureau of Corrections pending his advice of rights hearing. The case remains under investigation by the Domestic Violence Bureau/CIB. Anyone with information can notify the Domestic Violence Bureau at 340-774- 2211, ext. 5534.