Marzano Should Learn Codes

Dear Mr. Marzano,

In the December 11 issue of Tradewinds, you were quoted as saying, “It’s been a school of hard knocks thing. We never meant for the process to go this way. It’s been extremely difficult and there is enough blame to go around, from our architects to the vagueness of the codes.”  

Instead of pointing blame to others, take responsibility upon yourself. Your project has done so much irreparable harm to the neighboring community. What have you done to safe guard all the neighboring properties? Why should the neighbors and community of St. John honor your request to rezone your property knowing more harm will be done? By asking for one more unit, is one too many.

As a building professional it is your obligation to understand the U.S. Virgin Islands Building Codes. The codes are not poorly written, they are poorly followed. If you read and applied all the proper building codes from the 2003 International and V.I. Building Codes, you would not be in the position you are in at the present time.  
Due to your errors and miscalculations, the community should not be penalized any further. How would you sleep at night knowing a large boulder at any moment could come crashing down into your back yard?    

I appreciate your idea of preserving the beauty of the island and I wish it would be reflected in your development.  

Liza Trey