Mediterranen Island Resident Reacts To Tradewinds Letter

Dear St. John Tradewinds:

I live on the island of Gozo in the Mediterranean and have just returned here after several weeks visit to the Virgin Islands, both British and U.S. Whilst there I read your newspaper on June 12 and was very impressed by the letter you reproduced from Peter Anderson.

Right now many of us on this island deeply regret that the developers are trying hard to move in here and destroy what little undeveloped space still exists. We are not as lucky as yourselves to have such an unspoilt and beautiful place to live. As you appear to have access to the author of the letter I wondered if he would be prepared for me to try and get it printed in the paper here as I believe he makes such a valid point and so very persuasively.

My thanks for your help.

Prunella Evans