Members of the New Majority of the 31st Legislature Announce Leadership Roles

10 days after the General Election of November 4, 2014, Senators and Senators-elect to the 31st Legislature of the Virgin Islands met, organized, and appointed their leadership team. In essence, the membership will consist of an effective mixture of seasoned and veteran policy makers.
The proposed 11-member Majority has formed along Democratic Party lines and have agreed to honor the “gentlemen’s agreement” of previous Legislatures that have passed the presiding gavel between districts. This period in our history where the leadership of the 31st Legislature has been established is the perfect time in which the gavel being passed to the St. Croix District is well-timed and strategic. The challenges confronting St. Croix have reached a critical stage and additional focus can only assist in generating much more needed relief.
Senate President, Senator-elect Neville A. James stated, “My colleagues have recognized the experience that I possess and have granted me the opportunity to lead this body. I have given much thought to the discipline that should be exercised by the members of this institution, and we have organized in a manner that lends to the strengths of each committee chairperson and members of Central Staff.”
Majority Leader, Senator Sammuel Sanes stated, “The districts have very specific needs and as Majority Leader, have committed to ensure that the needs of the districts are met.” He continued, “The Territory needs leadership and stability, and this 31st Legislature will be the force for change that these islands desperately need in order to move it forward for the benefit of the residents of these beautiful islands.”

Secretary, Senator Myron D. Jackson added, “The members from the St. Thomas-St. John district recognize the hardships that St. Croix faces, and we are committed to addressing them head on. We are one Territory and one people.”
Other members include the following: Vice-President, Senator Janette Millin Young, Senator Clifford Graham, Senator-elect Marvin Blyden, Senator-elect Jean Forde, Senator-elect Justin Harrigan, Sr., Senator-elect Kurt Vialet, Senator-elect Novelle Francis, Jr., and Senator Kenneth Gittens.

In the coming weeks, we will share more information regarding the formation of the 31st Legislature of the Virgin Islands.
For additional information, please contact Senator Sammuel Sanes at 340-712-2243.