Memorial Service for Laverne Yvelle Bates Set for March 22

Laverne Yvelle Bates

Laverne Yvelle Bates, also known as “Totsie,” passed away on Dec. 26, at her motherʼs home in Miami, Fla. She was 59 years and lived in Mon Bijou.

She was preceded in death by her father, Roy D. Bates; brother, Delroy A. Bates; grandmother, Lenoda Brunstorff Lynch; and grandfather, Rupert R. Abramson.

She leaves to mourn: her beloved mother, Wilma Abramson, and her beloved son, Shurne Horton; sisters: Nathania M. Bates Esq. and Leandra A. Bates; brother, Leroy D. Bates; aunts: Edna I. Abramson, Sharon and Rhea Petersen, Florentina Bates, Mary Bates-Jones and Kathleen Bates-Mann; uncles: Rupert R. Abramson (Rudy), Lloyd Ferdinand, and Elroy and Dennis Bates; nieces: Le Miah A, Kimarah, Shaleema, and Delicia and Delita Bates; nephews: Michael, Jordan and Delroy A. Bates Jr; godparents: Maria V. Encarnacion and Ina L. King Isaac.

She is also survived by cousins: Suzanne, Rhea, Raina, Raymond and Randolph Abramson, James A. (Bobo), Elroy A. (Bebe), Coretta M. Bates and their Children, Dean, Rudi, Raymond Jr., Diane, Colene and Renea Bates and their children, Allison Bates-Farrell and family, Reshema, LLoyda, Lloyd Jr. Ferdinand and their children, Lariel E. Gerard, Lorraine A. Sobratti and her children, Beverly Williams and her children, Wayne Brunstorff and his children, Shermaine and Mario Peters and their children, Esterlina Mc Duffie King, Robert Mc Duffie and his children, Sandra Bastian Carty, Angelita Gautier and her children, Clarence and George Gautier, Sandra Champion and their children, Rita, Aubrey, Debra Brunstorff and their children, Diane, Debbie and Sharmaine Cartier and their children, Joanna French, Debbie Guadalupe, Laurel and Linda Lawrence and their children, Debbie Christopher and her children, former Adjutant Gen. Renaldo Rivera, his wife Diane and their children, Jodi Donawa and family, Beverly Romney and family, Kurt Walcott and family, Leona Samuel and family, Jean Small and family, Myra Hendricks and family, Florette and Pauline Begraff and family, Shermaine Walcott Capehart and family, Former Sen. Diane Capehart and her children, Merrill and Nilda Walcott and family, Elmer Walcott and family, Henrique, Delita, Terri, Ehylis, Delores Walcott and family, Willie-Mae (Jackie) Edwards and family, Marsha Walcott-Watson and family, Ellington and Maureen M. Maynard and family, Cleoda Moorehead and family, Paul Yardwood and family, Velma Caines and son, Corleen (Emogene) Henry, Jamilah and Halima Henry and their children, Audra and Monique Wiener, Glendia Caines and family, Lucien Petersen, Joycelyn, Donald, and Sen. Novelle E. Francis Jr. and their family, Anna Hall and family, Beryl Doward and family, Myrtle Green Caprice and Burnetta Abramson, Melvin Petersen and family, Marc Abramson, Rick Mullgrav and family, Iris Nesbitt and her entire family, the Lawrence family, the Graham family, the Petersen family, the Hansen family, the Adams and Encarnacion family, and the Hewitt family.

Other survivors include special friends: Tammy Velev (NMB FL.) Shontavia Brown (Fla.), former Gov. John P. de Jongh and his wife Cecile, Annalyn Creque, Joyce Bowry, former Sen. Alicia Barnes, Dianna Washington, Randy and Val Rawlins, Sharon Hill, Caroline Fawlks, Cedrick and Ettie Armstrong, Mavis Armstrong, Nikki Brooks Rey, Ada Brooks, Gloria Slater of Dallas, Ga. Victorine Farrelly, Jenene and Jackie Allen, former Lt. Gov. Gregory Francis, former Sen. Terrance “Positive” Nelson, Errol Chichester, Sen. Kenneth Gittens, Greg Schuster, Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Christian, H. Hannibal Oʼ Bryan, Norman Edwards, Allison Hall, Lillian Jacobs, Esperanza Francis, Fraline (Josie Pelosi) and Hugo Moorehead, Carmen Mills, Mark James, Jane Meyers, Dianne Bryan, Lester and Grace Henry, Clema lewis, Carlotta Moorehead, Clarice Clark, Sherry Hendricks, Rita Chervington, former Sen. Alicia “Chucky” Hansen, Angelita Encarnacion, Arthur Joseph, Gustave Simmonds Jr., Derrick and Lynette Ballentine, Myrtle Vallard, Janet Brow, Gloria Joseph, Vincent Joseph, Eurman “Coach” Fahie, Jacinta Lyons Rota (Detroit, Michigan), Cathy Prince, former Sen. Adelbert Bryan, Stanley Jacobs, Eldred “Edgie” Christian, Tony and Merlene Felicien, Sharon B. Dennis, Angela Jerome, Vivian Furet, Tinea James, Antonia “Tita” Carrion, Ursela Frederick, Felicita Garcia, Raymond Scott, Pamela Bates, Anisha Gerard, Alda Francis, Ada Williams, Blondelle Baltimore, Rosemarie Polydore, Claude E. George, Caroline Sackey and Sherrymae Clement; as well as other relatives, friends and customers.

The Memorial Service will be held on the same date that her brother Delroy A. Bates was born, at 9 a.m., Monday, March 22, at The Lord God of Sabaoth Lutheran Church, Downtown Christiansted. Interment will follow at the Christiansted, Cemetery.

Due to COVID-19 guidelines, all attendees are encouraged to wear face masks and practice social distancing at the church and cemetery.