Milne Asks for Unbiased Reporting in Tradewinds


Over the years I have read, contributed to, and supported your paper because I appreciated the quality of the publication. While an occasional unbalanced article can be dismissed to a lack of experience, I am disappointed that some reporters appear to allow their biased politics to color their research and reduce the accuracy of their reporting. Just as my low opinion of the recent “Residents Angered by Rumored Approval of Bordeaux Estates Permit” article is not worth a story, your unsupported opinion, or that of a neighbor, is not news. Credibility is established from consistency, quality, and accuracy but respect is earned from doing the job well. Please take care to consider the highest quality of your reporting despite your personal feelings and you may earn more of mine.

Thank you,
A. Michael Milne, AIA
barefoot architect inc.