Monitor, Fine Truck Drivers Before Another Tragedy

Dear Editor,

The recent truck accident in Cruz Bay by JESS, indeed, may “Highlight the need to move school.” However, in my humble opinion, the more immediate need is to monitor and fine the drivers (and owners of the businesses employing them) for their blatant disregard of any type of rules of the road and common courtesy to other drivers, as well as pedestrians.

It is indeed fortunate that another tragic death like the one of young JJ several years ago was not a result of this accident, but for the grace of God and a few minutes of the clock! A woman was injured and her vehicle damaged, fortunately neither was serious (except to her!) Perhaps as that driver who killed JJ was never fined or charged with (at the very least) Involuntary Vehicular Manslaughter, these truck drivers have nothing to fear. Unfortunately, the other drivers and pedestrians here have much to fear from them!

These huge, heavy trucks barrel up and down Jacob’s Ladder all day long. The drivers rarely slow until reaching the speed bump by another school. In my opinion, they seem to feel that all they need to do is blare their horns all the way, indicating that any other drivers should get out of their way — they are the biggest and baddest on the road. If they hit your vehicle, odds are you will suffer the most damage, while they can go on their merry way, unharmed, and probably unfazed in the least.

Many of these drivers are younger men, and seem to feel these trucks can be driven in the same manner as a smaller vehicle, at high speeds which make it necessary to use the entire road when cornering. I have observed many of them (as well as other drivers) not even slowing down, let alone actually stopping at a stop sign — most often at the one by the Texaco (across the street from JESS) and the one by the tennis courts, near Enighed Pond.

I fear it will take another tragedy like JJ to bring these drivers (and their employers) to realize that not only is it the noise, smell and damage to the roads these constant nuisances are causing, but they are a real, true, clear and present danger to other drivers and pedestrians on our island.

Surely there is someone that needs to be held accountable for the actions of these drivers, and the safe condition of these huge vehicles. Perhaps the VIPD could monitor the above-mentioned corners for violations other than unrestrained dogs and unbuckled seatbelts.

Name Withheld by Request