Moravians Lease 10 Acres of Coral Bay Waterfront and Hillside Land

The Moravian Church officials have announced the lease of 10 acres of its Coral Bay property to developers.

The reputation of Coral Bay as a sleepy out-post enclave is now officially a thing of the past.

In addition to the on-going development boom, which includes the planned, future construction of an affordable housing community in nearby Calabash Boom and the proposed Coral Bay Marina project, the Emmaus Moravian Church has leased 10 acres of their Coral Bay land to developers.

Lease Includes 10 Acres
T Rex St. John LLC and Sirius Development LLC have signed a “long term lease” for the property, according to the developers’ attorney, David Bornn.

Bornn confirmed the lease of five Coral Bay waterfront acres and five hillside acres adjacent to the Emmaus Moravian Church.

“That is approximately correct,” he said. “We are still in the process of preparing the overall plan of development. Once we have done that, we will be re-leasing more information.”

“Long Term Lease”
The attorney would not comment on the length of the lease, saying only it is “long term.”

“A long term lease has been signed,” he said on Tuesday, August 1. “We are still in a very early stage of preparation.”

“We’re hoping to have more information by the later part of next week,” Bornn added.

Rumors about the possible development on the church-owned land — which stretches along the waterfront from behind the ball field to behind Skinny Legs, and along the hillside adjacent to the church — have circulated for years.

It is still uncertain whether the development would include the ball field or obstruct the view from the area.

Persistent Rumors
Bornn did not comment on the scope of the development, but rumors have persisted for years about a marina, condominium development, and hotel and business enterprises, possibly including Starfish Market.

The future of the town dinghy dock and parking along the waterfront, which many boaters in the area use on a regular basis, remains in question.

The area is zoned W-1, which allows for a wide range of water- and land-based activities including a marina and business development, but is restricted to low density.

Many residents in the area declined comment until more details about the project are made public, but Coral Bay Community Council (CBCC) representatives said they look forward to future discussions with the developers.

Community Input Assured
“I am a firm believer that everything belongs in the public eye,” said CBCC president Sharon Coldren. “I did have a chance to meet, for a few minutes, with representatives of the developers last week, and was assured that the community’s input into the project would be requested.”

“We are looking forward to further dialogue and presenting some of the suggestions that the CBCC had earlier presented to the Moravian Church,” she continued.

Second Possible Marina
The announcement about a possible marina along the Moravian Church-owned waterfront comes one week before the St. John Coastal Zone Management (CZM) Committee is due to vote on a permit for construction of a marina across the bay from the Moravian Church pro-perty near Island Blues restaurant.

CZM officials said possible plans for the Moravian Church land would have no bearing on the decision about Coral Bay Marina LLC’s permit, and that each project before the committee is weighed based on its own merits.