More St. John Gas Relief in Pipeline?

New Fuel Station in Susannaberg?

The V.I. Department of Planning and Natural Resources-Division of Environmental Protection has asked the developers to re-advertise in St. John Tradewinds their proposed plans for a gas station on Route 10 in Susannaberg before ruling on the application.

The development of a proposed new “mid-island” gas station in Susannaberg near Canine Cats and Critters and Chester’s Hideaway may provide Coral Bay residents with a more convenient fueling option while heading home after years of waiting for a new station to open on the east end of the island.

SYP Enterprise, LLC has submitted a request for a Terminal Facility License for the proposed installation of three tanks – a 6,000-gallon diesel fuel tank, a 20,000-gallon gasoline tank and 14,000 gallon gasoline tank – for an above ground storage tank gas station to be located at property legally No. 17A Cruz Bay Qtr., according to the DPNR legal notice.