Moribund VIPD Coral Bay Substation To Be Moved After Decade of Inactivity?


An Acia tree now protects an empty meter box at an empty mobile VIPD substation.

 CORAL BAY — The V.I. Police Department is planning to remove the portable substation from Coral Bay (above) to St. Thomas for refurbishment with vague plans for its return to St. John for use during St. John Festival — but there are no current plans to bring it back to the isolated community where it has sat unused for more than 10 years.

Ironically, after a decade on the site, the acacia-enveloped trailer just recently had an electrical hookup installed by WAPA, according to keen observers — although it was not connected to the empty meter box — which is now enshrouded in the armor of the thorns of a mature acacia tree.

After audience members at the May 27 community policing meeting suggested the VIPD use one of the buildings of the shuttered Guy H. Benjamin School as a Coral Bay command post in lieu of the moving mobile unit — and explained to the VIPD contingent where the shuttered school was located, Senior Police said they would “look at” the possibility of utilizing any part of the facility.

There was no suggestion that the police could use a leftover carnival booth as a temporary Coral Bay VIPD substation after July 4.